Dr. Carlo Cogoni
microRNA in the nervous system

Group Leader


Education and Experiences

University of Rome, Doctoral degree in Biological Sciences.

Enichem National Program on Advanced Biotecnologies Fellowship.

Research Associate at the University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy.

Assistant Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy.

Present Associate Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy.

Present Group Leader at the European Brain Research Institute, Rome.


Cogoni C. and Macino G. (1999) Gene silencing in Neurospora crassa requires a protein homologous to RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. Nature 399: 166-169

Cogoni C. and Macino G. (1999) Posttranscriptional Gene Silencing in Neurospora by a RecQ DNA Helicase. Science 286: 2342 -2344

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Nolan T, Braccini L, Azzalin G, De Toni A, Macino G, Cogoni C. (2005) The post-transcriptional gene silencing machinery functions independently of DNA methylation to repress a LINE1-like retrotransposon in Neurospora crassa. Nucl Acids Research 33:1564-73



D. David Perkins Scholarship Award, Fungal Genetics Community on the recommendation of Neurospora Policy Commitee.

Award CIB (Consorzio Interuniversitario per le Biotecnologie) to young investigators

Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)

Gold Medal of ´Le Scienze´ for Biotechnology

Medal of the President of Republic of Italy

Chiara d´Onofrio Prize For Biological Sciences- a prize awarded each year to an italian investigator under 42 who has made important contributions in Biological Sciences.


Scientific Collaborations

Group Members

Christian Barbato, Enrico Batassa, Caterina Catalanotto, Corinna Giorgi, Chiara Parisi

Laboratorio di microRNA nel sistema nervoso


Christian Barbato Ph.D., MD
Characterization of the expression and cellular localization of Argonaute proteins, isolation of Argonaute protein complex(es) in mammalian neuronal cells.

Enrico Batassa, Ph.D.

Caterina Catalanotto Ph.D. 
Identification of target genes regulated by miRNAs and role of miRNA in the Fragile X repression of translation in mammalian neuronal cells.

Corinna Giorgi Ph.D., Research Scientist

Chiara Parisi, Ph.D. student