•  Cattaneo Antonino

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Prof. Antonino Cattaneo
Neurotrophic Factors and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Group Leader


Education and Experiences

Degree in Physics (thesis in Biophysics), summa cum laude, University of Rome

Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa) and CNR Institute of Neurophysiology (Pisa) Working on the coding of visual information in cells of the visual cortex

Junior staff scientist at the CNR Institute of Neurobiology in Rome Working on the mechanisms of action of Nerve Growth Factor in differentiating neurons

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Cambridge, UK) Working on antibody engineering for protein knock-out.

Group leader at the CNR Institute of Neurobiology in Rome Developed the intracellular antibody strategy, to ablate protein function with intracellularly targeted antibodies.

Full professor of Biophysics at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste, Italy.

Head of the Biophysiscs Sector of SISSA – involved in setting up from scratch the Neuroscience Program.

On sabbatical leave from SISSA, joined the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Cambridge UK)

Deputy Director of SISSA.

Founder of Lay Line Genomics, a biotech company spin off of SISSA.

Associate Scientific Director at the European Brain Research Institute (EBRI) Rome, Italy AWARDS Member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Member of the Council of Scientists of Human Science Frontier Organization (HFSPO) and served for four years as the Chairman of the Grants Review Committee. Associate Editor of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and ad hoc reviewer for leading international scientific journals. Member of the Scientific Program Committee of the International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders.


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The Domenico Marotta Prize, Italian Academy of Sciences XL

The W. Jansenius Medal, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Scientific Collaborations

Group Members

Mara D´Onofrio, Luisa Fasulo, Raffaella Scardigli, Simona Capsoni, Giovanni Meli, Francesca Paoletti, Francesca Malerba, Marcello Ceci, Annalisa Manca, Gianluca Amato, Agnese Lecci

Laboratorio di Fattori Neurotrofici e Malattie Neurodegenerative 


Mara D´Onofrio, M.D., Ph.D.
Also at Genomics Facility

She worked at NIH, Bethesda (USA), working on nuclear transport, where she isolated and characterized the gene coding for the Nuclear Pore Glycoprotein, p62. Her recent focus has been on metabotropic glutamate receptors as potential targets for neuroprotective drugs in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders.

D´Onofrio M, Starr CM, Park MK, Holt GD, Haltiwanger GS, Hart GW, Hanover JA (1988) Partial cDNA sequence encoding a nuclear pore protein modified by O-linked N-acetylglucosamine. Proc Natl Acad Sci, 85: 9595-9599.

Starr CM, D´Onofrio M, Park MK, Hanover JA (1990) Primary sequence and heterologous expression of Nuclear Pore glycoprotein p62. J Cell Biology, 110: 1861-1871.

D´Onofrio M, Lee M.D., Starr CM, Miller M, Hanover JA (1991) The gene encoding rat nuclear pore glycoprotein p62 is intronless. J Biol Chemistry, 266: 11980-11985.

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D´Onofrio M, Arcella A, Bruno V, Battaglia G, Ngomba RT, Lombari V, Ragona G, Calogero A and Nicoletti F (2003) Pharmacological blockade of mGlu2/3 metabotropic glutamate receptors reduces cell proliferation in cultured human glioma cells. J Neurochem, 84:1288-1295.

Luisa Fasulo, M.D., Ph.D.

The main research interests are the development of cellular models of neurodegeneration, as well as strategies for novel ex vivo cell therapy or gene therapy approaches for Alzheimer´s Disease.

Fasulo L, Ugolini G and Cattaneo A. (2005) Apoptotic effect of caspase-3 cleaved tau in hippocampal neurons and its potentiation by tau FTDP-mutation N279K. J Alzheimers Dis, 7(1):3-13.

Fasulo L, Ugolini G, Visintin M, Bradbury A, Brancolini C, Verzillo V, Novak M, and A Cattaneo (2000) The neuronal microtubule-associated protein tau is a substrate for caspase-3 and an effector of apoptosis. J Neurochem, 75(2):624-33.

Raffaella Scardigli - Research Scientist

Simona Capsoni - Research Scientist

Giovanni Meli - Postdoctoral Fellow

His project is focused on the selection and characterization of a novel generation of recombinant antibodies against beta-Amyloid oligomers.

Visintin M, Meli GA, Cannistraci I, Cattaneo A. (2004) Intracellular antibodies for proteomics. J Immunol Methods 290(1-2):135-53

Meli G, Visintin M, Cannistraci I, Westlind-Danielsson A, Cattaneo A. (2005) Novel generation of recombinant antibodies against oligomeric form of beta-Amyloid 1-42 peptide Society for Neuroscience Abstract No. 325.8

Francesca Paoletti - Postdoctoral Fellow

Her current project is the elucidation of the structure and function of proNGF, in order to better explain the molecular basis of the neurodegenerative processes based on the dysfunction of NGF.

Paoletti F., Konarev P.V., Covaceuszach S., Schwarz E., Cattaneo A., Lamba D., Svergun D.I. (2006) Structural and functional properties of mouse proNGF. Biochem Soc Trans. 2006 Aug;34(Pt4):605-6.

Paoletti F., Covaceuszach S., Schwarz E., Stubbs M., Rudolph R., Cattaneo A. and Lamba D. (2005) Towards a comprehension of the structure of mouse proNGF. Acta Cryst.. A61, C234-C235 (Abstracts of the XX IUCr Congress).

Francesca Malerba - Postdoctoral Fellow

Marcello Ceci - Postdoctoral Fellow

Annalisa Manca, Ph.D.

In the nervous system proteins are transported in axons from the cell body to the target areas. Failures in axonal transport have been related to neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer´s. Little is known about the anterograde transport mechanism of protein complexes along the axons and how this process is linked to neurodegenerative diseases. We focus our attention to the mechanisms underlying the axonal transport of proteins that ultimately are activated at the synapse and carry target-derived signals to the soma.

Quartu M., Serra M.P., Manca A., Mascia F., Follesa P., Del Fiacco M. (2005) Neurturin, persephin, and artemin in the human pre- and full-term newborn and adult hippocampus and fascia dentata. Brain Res. 1041, 157-66.

Quartu M., Serra M.P., Manca A., Follesa P., Ambu R., Del Fiacco M. (2003) Trk receptor-like immunoreactivity in the human pre-term newborn, infant and adult cerebellum. Int. J. Devl. Neurosci. 21, 309-320.

Mascia M.P., Biggio F., Mancuso L., Cabras S., Cocco P.L., Gorini G., Manca A., Purdy R., Follesa P., Biggio G. (2002) Changes in GABAA receptor gene expression induced by withdrawal of, but not long-term exposure to, ganaxolone in cultured rat cerebellar granule cells. J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. 303, 1014-1020.

Gianluca Amato - Scientist

Agnese Lecci - Ph.D. Student